Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cleanse- Day Eleven- January 12th

I'm writing this after the end of my cleanse, but looking back on Friday, I'd say that it was in many ways the easiest day of the cleanse. Things had calmed down at work, I had plenty of time to get a decent swim in, and I had my cleanse rythm going.

The biggest addition to the cleanse this year has been pineapple, which was Margit's idea. I'm not much for oranges, so after my grapefruit I've been kind of stumped. I have eaten pears a number of days, but the pineapple is by farthe best second fruit I've had during the cleanse. It's funny how a little thing like a cup of pineapple before leaving or in the car can help carry through to the mid-morning snack.

Of course, I also knew that come tomorrow (Saturday) night, it was pizza and beer at Bar after the plunge, which was a goal I'd had since the cleanse started.

I also passed the ten pounds lost barrier the day before and Eric had told me that after I lost ten pounds I could stop. I ended up losing eleven before we went to Bar.

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