Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cleanse- Day Three- January 4th

I had a pretty sluggish run today at lunchtime, but I chalk it up to running in the evening yesterday and getting very little sleep last night.

As Eric says, when people tell him they are starving on the cleanse, well that's an exageration. Maybe because I'm smaller and need less food, I don't feel as much of an effect of the 'diet' aspect of the cleanse. The fact is there's certain food I just want, and it's more of annoyance than anything like a need not to have it. I certainly lose weight- I lost ten pounds in four days on the diet one year.

At the same time that diet might start to weigh down on you, though, there is also a sense of accomplishment that grows with each day that you 'get through it', at least there is for me, and after two weeks of that accomplishment, you almost don't want to stop- almost. Then again, beer is a good thing.

These are the early days- it gets harder, but then it gets easier.

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