Saturday, January 06, 2007

Day Five- Saturday

Today was probably the biggest workout I'll have on the cleanse, a three hour bike ride.

It was supposed to be sunny and 65 today. It was. After I got done riding, that is. It was still foggy and wet, about 50 when I started riding, and it was still soggy and wet after 2 hours. However, it was about 50 or 55 the whole time and at 2 hours I pulled off my jacket and shoved it in the centre pouch of my cycling jersey. I hadn't ridden outside in two weeks and I felt a little tentative on small wheels and a wet road especially since I had no choice but to pump the wheels up.

It was not my best ride, but I wasn't sent out to have my best ride, just a steady ride. Unless you're Kenny, your bike may not be in prime shape in January either. So there was some noise, a sense the bike wasn't functioning like a well oiled machine, but mostly I just felt like I was sort of all over the place- sliding forward on the seat at times, climbing a little slowly. I tried to settle in and just work on having good technique as parts of my feet started to kind of fall asleep.

I'd asked Eric about nutrition for the long workout and he said for the long workout, stick with my usual plan- a package of ClifShot blocks every 45 minutes and 1 16 ounce bottle of gatorade endurance. I mix the Gatordae myself and I mixed it half-strength from my supply of water. In the end I only used one pack of the Blocks.

I rewarded myself for the ride with a six-inch subway veggie sub on whole wheat (no cheese ? yes, no cheese) and let me tell you, after eating whole wheat pasta for lunch all week, it really was a treat...

So, yeah, you can do the long workouts on the cleanse, and achieve your goals, as long as those goals are reasonable.

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