Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day Two: Wednesday

The initial shock of the cleanse that kind of settles in on day one is gone. It's always easier to get that water down after the first day, you've cooked your pasta the night before, you realse with some forlorness that no, there's no beer forthcoming (beer fridge or no).

Fruit is always an issue for me. I eat half a grapefruit at breakfast, but have no interest in eating oranges. I tried a pear today- not sure if that's really kosher or if that's too close to an apple in nutritional value. Since I was OK with it, I've hesitated asking, but if EH hasn't already read this, I will.

I always go with peanut butter and the apple for my mid-day snack, and do my lunchtime workout before eating. I was glad to climb out of the pool today and hop in the car knowing I was headed for my lunch. Whole wheat pasta isn't exactly my dream food, but with some tomato and garlic sauce (plus some hot sauce to give it the flavor I'm used to at lunch), it's not bad.

I know the hard days are ahead...

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