Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Coach Eric's Challenge/Spinervals Day 14

Wow, two weeks. It hardly seems like I'm approaching that point in the challenges, but there it is.

Two weeks. Today's spin was Hillacious. This is a favorite of mine. I love the two climbing DVDs- Uphill Grind and Hillacious. What's nice is that where Uphill Grind is just 45 minutes, Hillacious is over an hour, so for those days where 45 minutes just isn't enough, there's a longer option that gives you the same general flavor.

I slept in until about 5:55, which is late for me, then got up and went right to work on Hillacious. Where the hardest part of yesterday's workout was the first half of an hour this spin builds, starting with 8 minute steady reps in BR 14 that really get you in the mood to do the rest of the workout. By the time we hit the rollers I really felt like I was working hard, and when we got to the last set- the 10-12% grade hill sprints, I was really bearing down on the bike.

I was also watching my RockMelt browser for Eric's strength challenge. When I got into the last 10 minutes of the workout and it wasn't there I was kind of relieved. I figured I do it in the evening.

And then with 5 minutes left there it was.


And then I saw 60 pushups, 60 sit-ups with twists, and I was psyched. Yeah, I know eventually it's going to be 100 push-ups and that will suck but whatever. It was the right challenge for me today, it fit perfect.

I added 40 minutes of running at lunch.

Another great day of training. Loving this.

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