Friday, December 09, 2011

Coach Eric's Strength/Spinervals Challenge Day 9

It was back to a higher level of intensity today. I slept in a little (all the way to 0545) and then got up and relaxed for twenty minutes before starting today's spin, which was The Sprinting Machine. I love this workout because it's just the right length for the morning- 50 minutes- and it's got a lot of great intensity to it, but without putting a hurt on you. Where you potentially feel Big Gear Strength all day, the Sprinting Machine is more of a 'feel good' workout.

I got into the spin quickly, it went really fast, and I felt good when I got done. But the three sets of plyometric jumps definitely took something out of my legs for Eric's strength challenge. There were three exercises this morning, include squat presses, bench jumps and some ab crossovers. I was definitely sweating when I got done, and the spin and the strength workout was definitely enough for one day.

Still, with more abnormally nice weather on tap- it was sunny and nearly 50- I went out at lunch intending to run 30 minutes. But I felt to good to cut the run short and pushed it to 40, keeping the intensity down.

Another good day on the challenge.

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