Saturday, December 31, 2011

Eric's Strength Challenge/Spinervals Day 30

Started the day with the Warrior workout. This is a pretty good spin in my opinion. You warm-up, you do some superspinning, and then you do some near-threshold work. Talking about a straight forward workout, it's simple, it's just under an hour and when you're done, you feel pretty good. This was a good way to come back from a rest day, and I had a good sweat working during it.

Then it was time for the strength workout.  Planks w/ Leg Lift (see Dec 24th), right into 20 reps of Woodchoppers, right into 20 reps of Double Crunches. Nothing overly challenging here. The planks were the hardest part, but 4 circuits of this was pretty easy, considering EH was going to be dropping the 100 double hammer on us.

Then I went out and ran 50 minutes, but at a lower intensity. Had a good run.

This was definitely a meat and potatoes day, even though I don't eat meat.

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