Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Coach Eric's Strength Challenge/Spinervals Day 13

I had to get up extra-early today because the spin was long- 85 minutes. I want to try and get every day's spin and strength-training done before I go to work, so there I was, in the basement at 5:35, on the bike, doing Aero Base Builder I.

The spin starts out with 4 times 5 minutes in Big Ring 15, which all things considered, for an aerobic workout is serious work and I was sweating pretty seriously by the time I got passed that. Of course, you're also under an hour left to go when you get past that point, which is pretty huge and I felt like I was really working right at the level I should be, my HR in the 130s and sweating like a bear in a sauna.

The later reps, in easier gears, felt good, although as always big ring 23 felt easier, not harder, than small ring 15.

I hopped right off and did the strength truing, crouching box jumps, plank rows and cycling twists. By the time I was done, I'd burned through an hour and 40 minutes of my morning and I felt good.

I decided that after running very hard two days in a row I should really take a day off from running. Another day of bright sun and 50 temperatures really made me regret that decision, but hopefully we'll get one more day of nice weather that I can push a good run out. I had an itch I couldn't scratch all afternoon, regretting not running. Hopefully that's a good thing....

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