Saturday, December 03, 2011

Day Three of The Coach Eric Strength and Spinervals 31 day Challenges

Being Saturday and knowing how this close to the holiday it is, I started spinning at 0610. I needed to get in 2:20, so I opened with Spinervals 23.0, workout B, but I approached the 90 second anaerobic intervals aerobically instead. So I was good and warmed up for Spinervals 31.0, Muscle Booster.

This is a surprisingly tough workout, because there are a large number of efforts in the big ring 13. By the middle of this hour and 45 minute workout my hamstrings were reminding me I'd slept just 5 short hours before being woken up by the cat and starting my day, and in the middle of the workouts I was flagging a little, still getting the work done but feeling a bit spent.

The last set in the workout is 15 minutes split between big ring 15 and 17 and that was just what I needed. I finished the workout feeling really well and then slipped on my running shoes and immediately ran a solid 30 minutes, at a heart rate between 127-133 the entire time, great zone B work, whatever that's worth.

I came back and immediately did Eric's strength routine for the day, 3 x 12 of what I'd call squat-ups- starting in a squatting position with barbells shoulder height, stand up and thrust the barbells over head. By the tenth repetition in each set I could feel it in my pectorals, a great reminder that my strength is NOt adequate. I love the strength challenge because it's such a perfect example for me of what I do not do well as an athlete- thanks Eric.

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