Thursday, December 01, 2011

Day One of the Spinervals Challenge

Day one of the Spinervals challenge in done and I thought I'd write a little post each day to track what I'm doing.

Today the big challenge was the stress test/time trial. I'm not particularly good with the stress test on a trainer. I actually think I train on the trainer very effectively, however, I have trouble spiking my heart rate. The truth is, it's the same on the road. I actually time trial solo a lot, almost once a week from June through October. And I think I ride fairly fast, but for whatever reason, my heart rate doesn't get that high.

So when I started out and was only trending in the 140s, I didn't feel like I was dogging the test. I was sweating up a storm, breathing heavy, just not spiking my heart rate. I felt like it took forever to get into the 150s, and when I got to the last minute I jammed it into the hardest gear and got a max out at 171.

What amazed me about the workout was how absolutely great I felt when I got done- felt great all day.

Maybe I should do that more often...

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