Monday, December 05, 2011

Spinervals/Coach Eric's Strength Training Day 5

Today was a nice easy day- Aero base Builder III, a 65 minute zone B workout with 20, 15, 10 and 5 minute reps. It's awesome when the reps get shorter with each on, and when 0645 comes and your main workout is done for the day.

I'd say this spin actually felt better than yesterday, given that my legs were a little tired Sunday. I was really able to get into a zone this morning and the workout was definitely enjoyable, what I expect from an off-season (if I have an off-season) spin.

I hopped off the bike as soon as I was done and started the weight workout-Reverse Lunge w/Anterior Shoulder Range. I tend to think my balance is really good until I do things like this and then, not so sure. I added 44 pushups.

Much later in the day- around 1630, I did a 35 minute run in the gloom- the gathering darkness and the fog. It was foggy all day and during the run was no exception, but it was a good run.

So far so good, liking this challenges and looking forward to more.

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