Friday, December 16, 2011

Coach Eric's Challenge/Spinervals Day 16

Now we are really on the back half of these challenges.

Today was Spinervals Big Gear Strength. This is an hour of just what it says. After warming up in BR 15 you spend the whole workout in BR 13 and BR 12, mostly the later, with the exception of about 3 minutes of lunges. You have to be in the right frame of both mind and body to do this workout. I remember doing it once when physically I was not ready and I was sore for two days.

Of course, it's also the sort of workout you can half ass, but I'm happy to say that I did not in any way half-ass it today. Despite being woken up by a cat walking on my chest before 0600, I got up quickly, was on the bike and knocked this workout down and felt good. I pushed the BR 12 sprints at the end, came upstairs and EH's strength workout came in just as I was sitting down to eat some grapefruit.

Curls-punches followed by side planks. The great thing about the side planks ? My kitten was chewing on my hand during the planks, which took them from hard to nearly impossible, but i still got them done. If there's one thing the strength training is teaching me it's that I need to improve my strength....

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