Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eric's Strength Challenge/Spinervals Day 22

Today's spin was No Slackers Allowed.

If you are are a real Spinervals veteran, you need no other explanation.

If you aren't, well, imagine the cruelest moments of the spinervals you have done. Increase the reps in each set, and reduce the rest period both within and between the reps. Well, that's No Slackers Allowed. This video (and yes, I only have it on VCR- what's that you ask) is so intense it has a 6 minute cool down, despite being 44 minutes long.

You either do this video at 100 %, dying the whole time, or you waste a workout. Are your muscles screaming ? is the seat running down your face ? Do you wish you were in a coma ? Then you're working hard enough. This workout totally fits my mentality right now. I want to suffer. I want the workouts to hurt like hell. I want to get back to where I was before I lost my edge, before I became weak and complacent as a triathlete.

This workout takes me where I want to be. I wanted to back it off. And I didn't.

Bring it.

When I was doing I did 4 sets of Eric's workout, step ups, punches, and twist sit ups. I used a mirror to track my punches and my kitten made everything else interesting, but when I got done with the weights I felt good.

At lunchtime I smoked my run, 5.75 miles in under 40 minutes, running hard and steady and-

I want to race. I am ready.

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