Sunday, December 04, 2011

Strength Training/Spinervals Day 4

I got up this morning with my big workout planning to be a run, but I was on the bike at 0620, doing Spinervals 28.0, or Aero Base Builder VI. I had a really good spin- ABB VI is just under an hour and it's a lot of short intervals. most of them in (slightly) easier gears.

As soon as the spin was over I did Eric's strength workout- Plank Rows/Ab Toe Crunches, in sequence, 3 X 12 each side. This was also very fast paces, going straight from the Rows to the Crunches with no break. It was over quickly but I really felt this one in my abdomen and I felt it was the best of the exercise sets that we have gotten so far.

Then came the meat of the workout, a 75 minute run. To save time I played to run to Pinchbeck's Tree Farm in Guilford and meet up with the family. Just as I got to Pinchbeck's though I got a text saying the family hadn't left yet, so I talked on 18 more minutes. It was a good solid run with the flats at a heart rate of 133, the hills at 142, and downhills in the 120s, all of it very steady.

Great weekend of workouts- 3 hours on Saturday and two and a half today.

Then I cut down our cristmas tree.

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