Monday, December 26, 2011

Eric's Strength/Spinervals Day 26 Challenge

I had the day off from work so I slept in until around 0625 today. I only was looking at a one hour spin, so it was easy to get that in.

I didn't have the recommended Spinervals 34.0, so instead I fired up 37.0, Suffering Along the Chesapeake. This is a pretty good workout. After the warmup you do some high cadence spinning, then some long intervals (5 minutes) near threshold, then 2 minutes at threshold, the one minute over threshold. This progress is definitely a good one.

My legs were a little tired from lack of sleep but I thought I really nailed today's workout.

I followed it up right away with Eric's strength training, which was lateral stepping squares with front shoulder raises, followed by plank rows and bicycle crunches. 4 sets. I kind of struggled with form on the first exercise and the other two are downright easy now. Still I was breathing hard when I got done.

4 hours later, I was back at it again, running. I did 6.75 in 48 minutes so I felt pretty good about that because I ran hard the whole time, kept the intensity up, and felt good.

Overall, a very good day.

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