Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Coach Eric/Spinervals Challenge Day 6

This was by far the best day of the challenge. I got up early after very little sleep and jumped into Big Gear Strength.

OK, not really. My network had hiccoughed and I needed to reboot my Airport. After that, I jumped right into Big Gear Strength. I was pretty sure that I was not going to have a great workout, but what do you know. I really felt good on the big, grinding the big gears. Even the lunges felt OK, although I reduced the weight on the last set. By the time I finished Big Gear Strength I was sweating pretty heavily, but I wasn't done yet.

I hopped on the internet and got Eric's Strength Challenge for today- Curl/Shoulder Presses and Deep Squat Knee-High Jumps- these weren't easy, but at least I didn't feel shot after doing both a strength workout on the bike and another one when I was done.

The surprise came when I went for my run. The truth is, I didn't want to run at all. It was raining on and off but with it hovering at 60 degrees, I decided to go for it. I started out at a pretty high cadence and was running fast, and I thought that would fade. I was only planning to run half an hour and then bang, once I got going, it really kicked in. I just felt like I was completely dialed in on the run. The 5 hours of sleep and the morning workout were just not factors and I really nailed the run- the weather definitely helped....

So far, so good

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